Natural Wheat Bags are 100% cotton bags, filled with a natural wheat grain. They can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer and are then applied to the body wherever therapy or comfort is needed. Natural Wheat Bags are an excellent method of natural pain relief. The individual grains have a unique cellular structure which allows them to heat quickly but release the warmth slowly over an extended period of time. 

Whether they are used hot or cold,  the natural movement of the grains allows the bags to settle against the contours of  the body making them pliable and comfortable to use. Heat therapy dilates the blood vessels inside muscle, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to help heal damaged tissue. Cold applications slow down the inflammation and swelling that occurs after injury.  This type of natural therapy is non-invasive and drug-free, making it an appealing choice for pain management.

Natural Wheat Bags can be heated over and over again. Each Wheat Bag comes with specific guidelines for product maintenance to ensure a long life span.


  • Relieve neck and shoulder tension
  • Soothe back pain
  • Soothe muscular aches and stiff joints
  • Ease arthritis pain
  • Quiet headaches
  • Relax tired eyes
  • Cool a fever
  • Calm minor burns, sprains, and cramps
  • Reduce swelling
  • Treat sports injuries
  • Warm up cold and aching feet
  • Ease menstrual cramps